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A Pianist's Allure :icongenesisrockwell:GenesisRockwell 1 0
Hand Hearts
You serenade me with
your eyes,
in a world full of
fighting grace and stray
feathers strewn upon the
lids of fallen angels,
I learn salvation
of a different kind,
from the soothing
charisma of your Voice,
to your enchanting
smile that could thaw
a single winter night,
into mere puddles of
self reflection,
for you complete me
like no other,
as a promise with
no means of escaping
I pledge my undying
love to you,
living theme songs
strummed from a sacred
heirloom guitar,
I am forever blessed
as our freedom rings
without regret.
:icongenesisrockwell:GenesisRockwell 1 1
Adele's Valentine Letter
Dearest Soar
of The Wind,
I write this with a flattered
approach in which your
Valentine were written,
and although these words
cannot fathom the happiness
as I convey with mine,
I shall accept your love
for the day of Cupid's jest,
from an arrow as sharp
as the wit of a slick tongue,
blushing bashfully at the
thought of your acceptance,
I only wish to stand near
and present you with a kiss
of gratitude,
for no rose, nor chocolates,
would ever amount to
your gentle sweetness.
:icongenesisrockwell:GenesisRockwell 1 0
They send us prayers
through swift wind,
enveloping the fallen
with wings sprouting in
a magnificent display
of radiant light,
testing those unwilling
to surrender stubborn
hearts to sullen defeat,
as they watch us land on
one knee scraping back
against barren earth,
and leap forward to swing
back in a battle pitted
against our own shadows.
:icongenesisrockwell:GenesisRockwell 1 1
Hail pride
as closed fist,
raw and tactful,
raised like a sign of
hope blessing courage
without warning,
and I shall paint you
in the sky from memory,
as one who never
lost grip,
until peace was discovered.
:icongenesisrockwell:GenesisRockwell 1 1
A Visionary of Blue
I feel like shes the
only girl I’ve ever known whos
traveled from infinity and back
through her eyes,
breathing a permanent
vacation of inhaling the obvious
beauty that is life upon question,
when people isolate dramatics
like a pause button for what moves
them to stare in complete silence,
star gazer refugee with eyes
that lead constellations in
firework hypnotism,
she bursts and dissipates,
only to reappear ubiquitously
along the fabrics of sky
stitched at the seams of clouds,
and pitch blackness revealing
sky diamonds beyond infinity's
feeling like warm grass softly
brushing against the blades of time,
as she lays looking up to the centrifuge
of tangible ufos and occasional
falling stars crossing paths,
fate slowly drawing itself along
her eyes,
immortalized by her
appreciation for the obvious
beauty that is life upon answer
:icongenesisrockwell:GenesisRockwell 0 0
Firefly of The Night
You keep me at ease
with a loving disposition,
possessing thine heart forged
of porcelain with fine detail against
delicately woven fingertips,
and although I had once failed
to grasp the sympathy shared amongst us,
I have found you yet again,
cast barefoot amongst the undesired weeds
that landscape my mental plane,
as we mark today preceding dawn's
first yawns that pierce the sky with infant
breath reawakened,
it seems that I have claimed oblivion
over consciousness, held captive in brood nature
sparing thoughts of rapture at bay,
until I am reminded of you,
my beloved heroine,
daughter of Eve, patron of Eden.
:icongenesisrockwell:GenesisRockwell 1 0
Heart of Manchild
I dance offbeat to your intimacy,
posing a displayed drunken affinity
with no claim of possession,
while you breathe unknowingly in
my thoughts, I surrender at the mere
mention of your name,
pure as snow and deep as the abysmal
drop shown in irides, blushing shamelessly
in your presence without a doubt clouding
kiss me in the name of taboo,
like royalty pleasing pauper, and I too
shall act uncouth at the risk of gaining less
than reputable attention,
while society rears its ugly head,
I shall agree to disagree in a class of its own,
feeling wholesome by our standards alone.
:icongenesisrockwell:GenesisRockwell 0 1
Motion Pictures
Grace projects like the silhouettes
breathing in our melodramatic room,
where a cat sits front row,
gazing with widened marble like eyes
the way my childlike mind paints them,
synchronizing limbs across the wooden floor,
while tracing our animated existence in constant
motion with our bodies,
tonight let us pardon controversy
for imagination the way we were meant to dream
and float on in the fog of restless nights,
destination lost from misguided instructions
given by strangers pointing fingers in
every direction,
as I rely on the maps drawn on your
palms, faithful with a pocketful of change
starting back from square one,
before we blurred faceless in blinking crowds
foreign to standing still.
:icongenesisrockwell:GenesisRockwell 0 1
Irony And Wine
Teach me how to breath again,
so that I may choke my own reflection
through the water with my eyes and watch it drown in
wake me when answers come crashing down like
angry tides that swallow hearts of gullible lovers,
and I'll be ready by then, with voice and pen
until nature deals me the fools card and I'm
stranded on an island of one,
composing music on my arms in hand drawn lines
that look like staffs with treble heartbeats,
while rainstorms wash away my words that were
once notes serenading the winds of a midsummer
I'll count down the days through my eyelashes,
and wait for a chair to drop down by parachute,
sitting with my ankle resting on thigh,
contemplating the day my words wash up on some foreign land
by way of empty bottle, reborn through the eyes of a
musician reading my note in a curious musing,
using my material to translate
her own interpretation of a woman lost in thought,
until the air fills its lungs with song and I fade
into a folk
:icongenesisrockwell:GenesisRockwell 2 2
Visions of Brother Soldier
She envelopes me,
like water quenching body
of a bluish-green sponge,
with lips like porcelain spilling upside down,
cold to the touch on an allied winter's
chasing her flesh that warps into air,
seductively lured like bellies of gypsy women,  
as I obey the ebb and flow of her waist the way clouds
read their own fate of travel,
embracing her misconceptions like oil and water,
while tasting taboo on the tip of my tongue,
I felt refreshed,
like a child in deja vu with the unguided trails of a
man's razor,
self taught through basic instinct,
with unexpected tears from those that were once around
giving soldiers strength to remember,
bestowed upon me lies an inner eye from antar gurus
trapped within,
releasing Her wisdom in old ancient breaths,
as I shut my eyes and travel toward Eastern suns,
praying until the day I decide to abandon
these Western guns,
and find the courage to declare a truce,
from our broken pasts.
:icongenesisrockwell:GenesisRockwell 1 0
She displays tales of individuals
crossing lenses with immortality,
reading portraits like braille testified
in the stillness of life,
where memories are etched like fond tattoos,
like comic strips or daily news,
as subjects stand unguarded, captured in
moments where truth denies no flesh,
and regret shuns birth from its origin upon reality's tongue,
she decorates them around her walls like glow in
the dark stars,
pinning up familiar strangers,
in a sound universe neatly folded into a four
ceiling room,
spinning unbridled,
revising astrology by her collage of stars on
avocado colored walls like refrigerator magnets,
as faces spell out indirect advice and trade stories
while she sleeps at night,
in a building that houses wandering constellations.
:icongenesisrockwell:GenesisRockwell 1 2
Autumn's Song
I gain perspective on quiet days,
the way trees gain fruition through personality,
paint me livid,
unlike the leaves unbound,
so that I may find perfection in the eyes of You,
shaking off your children from ancient arms,
in hopes that they may learn to fall with dignity
under the guardianship of elders teaching lessons of
life and death.
The fallen die as martyrs,
caught under the soles of travelers conversing
through the crunch of trained students,
living the inevitable sacrifice,
only to be reawakened
as answers to the handicapped.
I watch as the brave feed Mother Earth,
waiting until a new generation prospers through green
after fields of white,
preparing once more to relive
old traditions and gain personality through
different shades yet to be discovered,
by a secret admirer of beauty,
in the name of self preservation.  
:icongenesisrockwell:GenesisRockwell 2 0
Last Requests
Shoot me where I stand
in dead of night or light of day,
find me in a crowd becoming undone,
beating the breath of slumber like cocoon rituals,
or gift wrap bearing present thought,
and I shall cry for you naked and shivering,
without a mask to hide my sins,
while you bear witness to my faults,
fetch (me) my pen to write them away,
and I will confess the birds that leave the flocks,
willing to bleed alone in sky, paper and flesh.    
:icongenesisrockwell:GenesisRockwell 0 0
Memories in sepia embraced my mouth like a wool scarf, censoring voice which challenged the critique of recollection, and so I remained silent like the aching lips of an unsuspecting stranger after an unforgotten kiss for good measure,
determined to meet you once more, I firmly grasped onto the stems of a dozen fuzzy dandelions, hopeful as if these were sacred gurus waiting for sanctioned nudity in the exposure of deep September breaths, and through speechless command,
I blew my inhibitions to the wind,
watching as a trail of florets brushed the sky without permission, invading clear air until someone sneezed like a blinking soul caught off guard, waiting for a voice to be heard, anticipating that "bless you" for a promising moment of clarity...
:icongenesisrockwell:GenesisRockwell 0 3
Hand Woven Blanket
I gazed at your photograph like some sort of epiphany whilst discovering your personality without even knowing you personally, working like a blind, gypsy fortune teller who reads palms for the satisfaction of a 'thank you' escaping dried lips, in compensation for money..or water to quench her own thirst,
and you held her hand with such grace, like a prince courting a young lady who understood you with the genuine conviction of a simple smile, giving you the best answers to situations which words failed to apologize for,
you explain alot with your hand my friend, displaying a gentle grip like a bird tamer who entered his profession just to feel the strength and support of lovely wings which take flight within his palms,
a mere man, confessing his love for one who transforms into a boy with a sense of security once you two clasp promises with whole hands instead of with pinkies, this one's for you, sounding off the bang of 21 rusty rifles piercing the night skies, like a g
:icongenesisrockwell:GenesisRockwell 0 4


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I love you guys, sorry I faded away. <3

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